Seminars/Private Lessons

Thank you for your interest in hosting one of our seminars. We are prepared to travel anywhere in the world to bring the latest in Self-Defense and Combat Sports right to your gym and/or organization. We specialize in teaching all skill levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced students of all ages and athletic abilities.

What do you get when you schedule a Sandro Sampaio Seminar?

-2 hours of techniques and practical application
-30 minutes of questions,answers and rolling

How do you schedule the seminar?

-Email us at
-Schedule 3 months in advance to advertise for the seminar
-Pay for plane ticket
-E-mail ticket to
-Cover hotel and meal expenses
-$1000.00 for affiliates(Carlson Gracie Team) and $1500.00 for non-affiliates
-Private lessons are $150/hour with 2 participants
-Private lesson with 1 participant is $100/hour

When NOT to schedule the seminar?

-The days I will be competing
Note: See for those tournament dates. They change every year.

Sandro Sampaio only does about 6 seminars a year so schedule in advance and as soon as possible. Once he is scheduled for the seminar he will not cancel unless there is a family emergency.